Saturday, May 31, 2014

David's Woodlot, 12x16

'That's a fanciful painting....'

.....said David, but it looked about right to me... and I had some fun painting it.  As it was mostly in shade I did have to push some colors a bit to get a good read....but 'fanciful', David?  Really?

OK.  Guilty as charged.  It's my job.

This is another I tried to paint without any medium or solvent but it was on a rough canvas, causing me to have to spend too much time and energy just getting enough paint on to be able to move it around.  I don't recommend that kind of surface....but on a smooth canvas or linen it works very well.  The last post was over an old painting which is the best.

I'm beginning to get jazzed about painting and drawing in Montisi, Italy when I take a group there in August/September.  It will be a far cry from David's pile of wood.  Come along.  We'll have a ball.  David is.

Winslow Art Center has the details.

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  1. I love the diversity of subject your eye finds interesting to paint! Most of us can relate to this woodshed and the story it tells of renewing summer labor and warm winter evenings, Well done!

    Come over this week and paint my chicken shed with me!! =] I think you will love it in the afternoon light.. =]


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