Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nancy's Chickens, 12x16

When the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest.....

.....and someone invites you over to paint, is there really a choice?  So off I went to paint with Nancy and Gigi.  Today was obviously an adventure into how many greens I could think up.  Perhaps I had a few more in the quiver but this went through a lot of them.

This was also an adventure into painting without solvent or brush cleaner of any kind.  Usually I thin the paint slightly to mass in the major shapes but I thought I would try doing without any at all, even for cleaning, to see the result.  It took about 6 brushes but that's not too many more than I usually use.

I read on a blog recently, Lori Putnam's I believe, that she travels with just Gamblin's Non Solvent-based Gel Medium and uses that for brush cleaning.  After today's painting I can see how that is easily possible.

According to the grape vine people are signing up for the Italy trip.  What a great time that will be.  Tomorrow I'm going to post some pics of the town and area and you will see what an enticing place it is.  Of course, you could also go to the website of the Winslow Art Center and scroll through yourself.


Oh Wait!
Here are some progress shots that my friend Nancy took. 
That's Bella at my feet.

Look closely and you can see the unopened can of solvent.

 Ciao....again.....I think my Italian is getting better.


  1. This looks like a happy chicken house! I like the no solvent idea. Have been using less of it these days. My chicken house throws some nice shadows in the afternoon Darrell. Stop by any time! =] Lovin the color spots in this!

  2. This is an intriguing idea? I'd love to learn to paint with oils and this might be the best way yo get started. Do you have recommendations for starting in oils I have painted in water colors and acrylics .


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