Monday, June 16, 2014

Claudia's Roses, 14x18

Just outside of....

....her studio, fabulous painter Claudia McKinstry, has a most wonderful garden.  She is known for her extreme blowups of flowers and plants in which every nuance of color is  expressed in a big way.  She was working on a triptych that must have been 4 x 8 feet of lilies.  I don't know how long they take her to do.

Well, mine aren't as big or as nuanced or as impressive, but I am a bit faster.  This one took about ninety minutes to do standing in her yard, plus another fifteen back in the studio.  As I was finishing Claudia showed up with a bowl of home made rhubarb desert.  Little does she know that when you feed an artist they tend to return.  A bit like a stray dog.

Carrie Goller, another talented artist, took this shot of Mick and me....'tandem painting' someone called it..... using our Soltek modifications.

Villa Maddalena is where we will be staying in Italy.  Go HERE to their site and click on 'Photo Gallery' for a photo tour of the place.  Good food, grape terrace, a pool......  I think with my strong resolve and courage I will be able to survive it.

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