Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blue Hydrangea, 18x20

As I should be packing for Italy....

.....this should be short and to the point.....or I'll get there without any clothes.  Paint supplies but no clothes.

It was painted last Friday, I think, at my friend Tannis' home.  She had a wonderful grouping of hydrangea and I wanted to do them all but I compromised.  The point of this whole piece is that one small blue flower stealing the limelight (literally) from the other blooms.  It was like this but I worked to make it more interesting than it was.

'Overstate, understate, but never tell the truth'  Charles Movalli

This next is a quick study done two days ago.  Nancy always feeds me when I go over so when other painters say they are  gathering at her house I have to 'stop by'.....for lunch.

I did it without sketching anything out ahead of time but if you go back a couple of blog posts you will see a drawing I did of the same scene.  It was still in my head.

I'll try and post from Italy.....but who knows if I actually can.  Later.


  1. Couple of stunning juicy color compositions! Best wishes on your trip to Italy Darrell! So wish I could stow away in your new paint box.......Looking forward to seeing the paintings, so you better post! =]

  2. I love those colorful hydrangea with sharp contrast between lighted and shadowed, but still colored, parts. Like Robin, I can't wait seeing updates from Italy; painting, drawing, or just photos.

  3. Thanks Rob and ToshiE. I appreciate your comments. Wish I could have made the Winslow PaintOut but have been busy packing....leave tomorrow.


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