Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bitterroot Backwater in Three

Blowing It Up..... a workshop next weekend in which we will spend one day doing sketches, pencil, pen, paint or any medium that will get you the information you need, and another day making a larger work from it.

When over in Montana I did this drawing and made some notes.  The next day, sitting under a tree by our cabin I did a larger color version from those notes, from memory and from what I wanted to say and turned out this 10x12 color study which is on the right track of what I intended....but I wanted to do more with it.

A week floated by before I was able to get to another even larger version and, hopefully, make a more interesting visual statement.  This one I did sitting in our driveway back in Washington.  I have learned more about what I want to say.....and now I want to do it one more time.  I feel that it is going in the right direction but hasn't quite arrived at that magical point.

It's been stimulating to try it this way.  Before the next version I'm going to do a very abstracted color piece, trying to simplify the shapes but expand the color statement.

This is what we will be doing in the upcoming workshop, stretching our artistic wings into areas we don't usually go.  It's playing with color and form without the influence of what we are seeing at the moment and letting our minds eye have its way.

Come join the group.  Find out more and sign up at the Winslow Art Center HERE.  We always have a good time!

Thanks for looking and, if you can't make it be sure to Keep Drawing!

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