Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Water Experiences

Port Blakely Harbor, 12x24 plein air
Here are three....
....paintings with water, harbor waters actually.  This is one I did last weekend while the weather was very uncertain.  Most of it was done before the rain got really heavy but I still had to come back the next day to nail down some details.  It's a long piece that was challenging to compose but I think I'd like to try another one.

The pilings are what remains of the town that was here, the posts being the support for the boardwalk and the buildings that rode high above the water.  It was the Largest Sawmill in the World for a couple of decades and I've seen pictures of this harbor with wall to wall tall ships loading on the lumber.  It stopped when the old growth trees were gone.

Port Madison, 11x14 plein air
Port Madison Harbor, normally a harbor teeming with boats and kids and all, was very quiet on this day making for a nice experience.  I liked the patterns and shapes set up by the docks and the water between.

Originally I painted what I saw which made that far zig zag dock similar in darkness all the way across.  Of course that split the painting and prevented the eye from getting out to the far water....so I used a little lighter reddish paint to still represent the dock but give the eye a path to get through.  Seems to work.

Water Shack, 8x10 plein air
Poulsbo Harbor.  Notice how the sky in these paintings is very similar.  Gray.  We really do get blue skies and had a great summer yet all of these were on 'iffy' days.  I like the orange glow from the underpainting and that spot of glowing yellow.  I also like the perspective and wish I had been able to do a bit larger version....like a 20x24.  That would have been fun.

Thanks for looking.
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