Friday, February 19, 2016

Nancy meets Zorn, 16x20

Yesterday was the third session.....
......of Painting the Portrait which should end next week, although there is mention of it continuing for a bit more.  We've explored charcoal drawing and painting with just one color (Burnt Sienna).  This time it was a brief exploration of the Zorn Palette.

Anders Zorn was a brilliant Swedish artist who often used only four tubes of paint: Ivory Black, White, Cadmium Red and Yellow Ochre.  With that limited selection he was able to achieve luminous color effects.  It is a good approach to use for introducing color to the figure.

The limiting of choices allows for a focus on 'possibilities' rather than copying or coloring.  It sparks creativity, avoiding a slavish reproduction.   The image you see here doesn't show the more subtle colors that are in the painting, especially the soft lavenders and greens that the original has.

During the times that I didn't want to hover over people, I sat on the floor and did this one.  The steep angle up at Nancy....a good friend.... I found interesting and attractive.  Backlit subjects are always more intriguing as they allow for more color to seep into the image.

Signing it for Nancy.
Thanks for looking.  I haven't posted for a two months.....but l think I'm back now.

(It looks like we will be going to Italy for a workshop in October.  Stay tuned.)

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  1. It's me! I love it Darrell. It was hard not to laugh at you on that little stool!


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