Monday, July 26, 2010

Swan River Fall, 10x12

Quinacridone Gold and Fall colors just seem to go together.  This was painted about two years ago and I'm posting it because I've been out of circulation for the last week due to a combination of summer flu and three immunization shots....and I wanted to share something before we take off for Montana.

I also wanted share something because I just ran across an older posting by Robert Genn, The Tyranny of Reality.  If you are an artist and don't know who RG is, you should.  And if you want to read one of the better essays (so many of his are excellent) about creating art, click the link and enjoy.

RG sends out writings about making art and being an artist, and signing up for his postings is free and well worth your time.  A fascinating man and an artist's artist.

I'll try and post something from the plains and forests of MT.


  1. Ok, now I know why you can't paint with me tomorrow!....Rats!... But I hope you have a good time in Montana, that's real PA country! ... Nice study Darrell!

  2. I loved that article - thanks for the link. And a brilliant painting!

  3. I really like this piece. The contrast between the purple rocks and orange forest makes the piece glow.
    and those hits of cool green are really appealing.

  4. Wow ... this one is beautiful! The colors are beautiful! This painting really sings! Also, loved reading the article about reality from Robert Genn. Great thoughts!


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