Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don Colley, Another Marker Sketcher

While I don't usually post using someone else's stuff, this guy is worth taking a look at.  Irreverent, highly skilled and draws weird stuff....probably someone I'd like to know.  I've tried the markers he is using on several papers and can't get the same results.  Those old books must have a coating on the paper to prevent bleed through of ink.   Anyway, I like his sketches.  He has done a number of videos for Faber-Castell which can be found on YouTube.  I discovered him from Steve Penberthy, another good artist with a rich blog.

By the way, news from Debbie, that tall ship I painted belongs to Neil Young and is called the Ragland....its for sale....think I'll buy it....cruise the world....wait,, what do you paint at sea?...waves?  Hmmmm...  I'll pass on this one.

I went back last night and painted a 20x24 of it which I'll post tomorrow.


  1. love that video! He is an amazing artist - with the most amazing "sketchbook"

  2. so glad to know about him. an inspiration, a source of hope embodying exquisite talent and vision. thanks Darrell


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