Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tall Ship, Ragland, 11x14

Last evening as the sun was heading down I thought to go get some harbor photos.  Driving over I remembered there was paint gear in the car so hauled it down the beach trail 'just in case' I decided to make some color notes, but when I got there this was too good to pass up even though the light was waning.

I think there is enough possibility here that it deserves a 20x24...we'll see how that goes.  Anyway, as in most paintings where the light is changing quickly, the paint had to fly on fast with no time for pre-drawing or value studies or even much self critiquing.

Sitting on a log, all went well until I tried to stand up and realized that under that layer of beach sand was tar that had stuck me in place....and they were new pants. 


  1. beautiful. I think you captured the feel of the lighting. You can always get new pants.

  2. Darrell a little fyi that boat is the Ragland and is reportedly owned by Neil Young. Rumor has it it's for sale. Great painting by the way. Gary


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