Monday, August 16, 2010

Ignatius Memories, 11x14

Years ago....  Alas, decades ago, I was hitch hiking north to Glacier Park from Missoula.  I got dropped off to wait for another ride in St. Ignatius, MT where six guys in an old Mercury  stopped for me.  My hopes of a ride were dashed when they told me they wanted to beat me up.  It was either grab my hunting knife or talk fast and I chose the latter, convincing them they needed a beer or two before commencing anything so strenuous as pounding me to a pulp.  Fortunately they agreed and in the meantime the former head of Wisconsin's department of natural resources picked me up.  Whew.

Maynard Dixon the painter spent a couple of years in St. Ignatius as he traveled throughout the West.   It is a very beautiful easy going place to be.  The roads and farms around there are beautiful with streams cascading out of the mountains.

This piece was painted in last minute desperation as my friend Bob and I spent too much time drawing and talking.  The day was waning and a storm was approaching so we just stopped on a backstreet and painted what we saw.  Drops began falling when the final touches went in and we hastily threw our gear back in the truck.

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