Friday, October 22, 2010

Susanna, 4x6 gouache

Have I mentioned before how much I like gouache?  I have?.....then let me say it again.  By now I should have a raft of converts.  It can be such a forgiving medium.  It can also be an infuriating medium if you actually expect what you paint wet to end up the same color and value when dry.  Holbein Acryla Gouache is supposed to look the same dry as when it was wet but I haven't tried it.   It also will end up, after an hour or two, to be permanent and insoluble in water.  Now that sounds a bit like Golden Open Acrylics to me.

She was a good model but I have to admit feeling a bit rusty not having done a portrait for six months.  Painted size of her head is about 2".


  1. Nice Darrell!. Two things i've learned from using gouache over the years.
    1. Darks dry lighter
    2. Lights dry darker


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