Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teannaway Valley, 11x14

Remember the outhouse (last post)?  If you had turned around two hours before 'Quick Stop' was painted, this is what you'd see.  What a difference in color temperature......what a change in temperature, period.  It was cold and very windy despite the sun breaking through for a bit.  Look carefully.  See his brush shake.

At the same time of year....but twelve months earlier....I painted this but was dissatisfied with it.   It was stuffed into the scrap heap box where I ran across it looking for a panel to paint on and I decided to see if a little doctoring could help.

On my website, under 'Musings' is a listing on how I did it.  If you are a painter it might be a technique you could use.  Check it out.  See the before and after....  Place your vote....(and vote in November, also).

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