Monday, January 17, 2011

'Celebration' With a Painting Give-Away!

Sometime in December this blog published it's 100th posting.  Now that's not a lot of postings but it seemed like a celebration time to me.  That plus beginning a new year has left me wanting to give away a painting!  

This painting, appropriately titled 'Celebration', was done in November 2010.   If you would like to be part of the drawing for this piece here is what you do.  Go to my blog by clicking HERE.  Once there, look for my picture on the right hand side and click on 'View my Complete Profile'.  You will find a link for emailing me on that profile page.  Send me an email with "I'm in!" in the subject line and you will be part of the drawing to take place on January 31st.   Easy.  I'll even ship if for free to anywhere in the U.S.  Outside the U.S. we'll work something out.

Classes are Beginning!  This week my painting classes resume.  For the first time I'm opening the subject matter to landscape photos students want to bring in as well as the usual still life.  On Saturday is the workshop 'Value Sketching With Markers', based on my book.  Contact Oil and Water Art Supply for more info.

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