Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garden Variety, 20x20

Tomorrow I may wake up, see a glaring error and wish I hadn't posted this.....but this is today's effort set up by a painting friend, Wendy.   An amorphous pile of red leaf lettuce was difficult to make convincing but I think it gets helped along by being surrounded by veggies and in that context becomes 'lettuce'.

This is acrylic which I like to use for several reasons.  In this case I wanted to experiment with color changes which, because the medium dries so quickly, makes it easier to quickly throw on a color to see how it works and not have everything get muddied around.

Painting garden stuff I'm reminded that the days are getting longer once again and every time I remember it I have a little internal celebration....often several times a day.   This is something folks in the Pacific Northwest understand.


  1. Nice Post!
    I would like to know more about your blog.
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  2. Reads as lettuce to me! I like this composition and the broken color shapes....It works!


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