Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bouquet for Tuesday, 20x24, and Sergei Bongart

Tuesday night.  What to paint?  I realize that most of my still life postings have 'demo' after them because that's what many of them are, including this one.  Still life is a great teaching tool, especially during the cold rainy winter months.   The energy a demo generates translates to the painting and, when they work, are fun to look back on and remember that, due to limited time, these are so much 'seat of the pants' paintings.

A closeup so you can see the colors, not all of which show up in the photo.

I stumbled upon this the other day....a photo of Sergei Bongart teaching the movie star Jeanne Crain dated 1962.   Many people have been influenced by his paintings and teaching.  You can find out more about him at his wife's website HERE or in the five star book by Mary Balcomb HERE or at the Scream On Line HERE

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