Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Tuesday Painter, 11x14

How many hours have I stood in front of an easel like this madly muttering under my breath because something wasn't going right and I had absolutely no clue what it was?  On Tuesdays persevering painters get together to try and figure out what makes a piece work and another flop.  While I try to tell them what I know, much has to come just from doing it again and again.  It's amazing how we can learn the most difficult things.

Too much time giving them my advice doesn't leave room for those personal 'ah-ha's' so I keep myself occupied in the background.....and this student became my target.  It also allowed one more inclusion of the still life already posted a few days ago.

Since I have a couple larger pieces in the works I'm going to take a small blog break so I can concentrate on finishing them.   Later.

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