Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ouzel Rock, 8x10

I had never seen an American Dipper or Water Ouzel in action until the day this was painted.  Perhaps I hadn't taken the time to notice, but this bird flits from rock to rock, stopping where there is lots of current.   In a blink it dives from the rock into the torrent of water.   Long seconds go by and you expect to see it re-emerge forty feet downstream pulling its battered body onto a rock.  Instead, out it pops about 2 inches from where it went in, happy as an Ouzel.

It seems there are so many ways in this world to live a happy life, do your thing and not bother anyone.

This scene is just downstream from the view in the last post.  I once saw a photo of a painting held up in front of a scene.   It was difficult to distinguish the painting from the reality and for that the artist was proud.  I admire that kind of skill but for me it's not the point.  Reinterpreting and simplifying in a way that ignites an unspoken conversation with the eventual viewer is a goal I'd like to arrive at more frequently.

Those branches and the fallen tree in the background was a mass of complexity.  If I did it right, that's what you feel and yet it is just a mass of color broken here and there by interesting paint strokes.  It's an Ouzel thing.

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  1. I've seen those Ouzels! Interesting paint strokes and great color! I think you achieved your goal!


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