Sunday, May 29, 2011

Above the Dam, 10x12

The Spring runoff looks so calm before it plunges into whitewater chaos going over the dam.  Just under the glassy surface can be seen subtle movements of the current as it rushes to join the maelstrom.  The roar was constant.

Buckets of rain began coming down half way through this piece and I huddled under some protective branches to finish it.  Walking back to the car my solvent spilled in the backpack giving me a chemical burn.  The discomfort, however, was well worth the result and not all plein air painting is so riddled with difficulty.

I like the orange buoys against the green background.  They complement and compliment each other.  "Hey, you are looking especially spiffy today!"  "Like that color.  Where did you get it?"

I'm starting another painting give-away soon.  This time I will enter anyone who goes to the blog and puts in a comment.  The more comments, the better your chance to win.  Additional info to follow....


  1. Amazing what can add that spark to a painting....the buoys really did it on this one...the colors sing together!! Hey, I want to be in on the give-away!..I would love to own one of your paintings Darrell!
    Give me a call before you go PA painting! If you want some company, often times I can drop what I'm doing and pack is ready!=]

  2. Yes! The the red buoys really make this painting. Your values are just right and makes this painting as Robin said above, "sing!" Would love, love, love to have one of your paintings Darrell!

  3. Fun to wander around on the internet and see wonderful paintings learn something too.

  4. Simply fab color combination. The clarity of your color is really remarkable especially knowing that you did it plein air.

  5. I love the feel of calm, quiet in the background of the land and water combined with the dynamic movement in the foreground.


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