Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Harbor Tourboat, 10x10

The quirky shape of this little boat was attractive to me so I spent a lazy afternoon doing a quick sketch of it.  Oil on gessoed museum board works well for fast work as the board tends to absorb the oils making it easy to paint over the top of other paint.  This board was coated with a red gesso that is peeking through in places.

Another drawing for a free painting is beginning soon.  You will be able to enter by commenting on any postings after I announce it.....but why not practice and make a comment now by going to: http://darrellanderson.blogspot.com/  and putting in your two cents.  You could even put in three cents if you wanted to....

Cathe Gill Webinar:  If you go to: http://www.catherinegill.com/webinars.php , Cathe and Beth Means give a free one hour lecture on Powerful Watercolor Landscapes, based upon their new book.  This is like getting a workshop for free!  (Be sure and click the icon for full screen mode so you can see it well.)


  1. Dear Cousin -- Love your paintings/blog! I'm still inspired by your marker book but am largely using it for ideas for my photography right now. (Is it cheating to use Photoshop to turn photos into works that look a bit like paintings?)
    Shirley (I haven't figured out the "comment as" piece yet)

  2. My eye always goes back to the yellow boat roof and picks out the other yellows. After I read about the red gesso, I can see the impact, and of course the red boat ramp which leads right to...the yellow.


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