Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Painting, 'Green With Envy', 8x10

The time has come for another painting drawing!  Some people comment on the flowers in 'Green with Envy', some on the colors in the pitcher, but I especially like the grapes, they have attitude.....hence the name.  Like the last post, this is oil on red gessoed board and is one of my favorite paintings for its color combinations and brushwork.

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  1. This is my favorite too.
    I like the composition, color variation in Greens, blues and subdued Red. Red on the right side of the jar is perfectly placed to balance the whole painting. I love the low saturation of red.
    This painting gives much more contemporary feel among your paintings. Also I love your big brush strokes. It seems like every stroke you made with accuracy without fuss. I also like how you group the darks. Great painting!! I love it!!

    Hye Coh
    My Blog:

  2. Well the grapes have a right to be jealous. Those peones are just sweet. I love the subtle temperature difference between the two flowers.

  3. Pick me, Pick me.....
    I love the pink in this one Darrell. Really works well with the red gessoed board.

  4. The grapes definitely have ATTITUDE! I love seeing the grapes as having a personality. So, started looking at the peonies personality ... what do you think? Beautiful, but have their nose in the air, just a bit?

  5. Yes - the grapes have to be green with envy - just look at the peonies - love them. The green of the grapes and the leaves adds the flair to the painting. Beautiful !!

  6. Another beautiful painting! I love checking on what you are doing and viewing al the paintings you post. They are very inspiring as I try to create my own painting style. Oh, to be more impressionistic! Thanks for all the great advise. I look forward to another class! - Laurie Rose

  7. Hi Darrell,
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your paintings. I love this one! Very vibrant and fresh. Love the use of blue-violet-mauve accents. By the way when your Leavenworth class got cancelled last week I decided to go anyway! Did a small painting while there. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains.

  8. Great painting Darrell! Good composition and I love the shadow color!

  9. I think the flowers have attitude too--a soft, beautiful, gracefulness. Love the color changes in the pitcher.


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