Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's Arrival, 11x14

Yellow California Poppies and purple Lilacs, exact opposites on the color wheel so it was only a matter of choosing composition.  Half way through the painting the owner came out with a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies.  Plein air painting can be so rough....only true grit (and chocolate chip cookies) keep me going.

This painting and 'Speed Bump Ahead'  will be at the Roby-King gallery during July, as well as a few others I've done.  

The month is winding down and the painting giveaway is about to happen.  There will only be another post or two before relatives arrive for the 4th and blogging will cease for a week or so.   I still haven't chosen the painting but I think I'll give the winner some options.  Be sure to comment on any of this month's blog postings to enter.


  1. Nice handling, Darrell. Love your confident palette as usual.


  2. Tell me again how you revered those chocolate chip cookies....

  3. I love this painting ... has such a nice contrast between the background and the lilacs and the foreground. Very good example of how a strong contrast makes the subject matter stand out.


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