Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Millers Creek, 8x10

Only one more posting after this one and the drawing for a free painting will end. 

This piece, although only 8x10, feels like it should be larger so I'm going to keep it around and see what might happen on a 20x24.  I like the color and the peaceful feeling, probably because it was a relaxed hour sitting by this little stream.  Mallards would peek around that corner to see what we were doing.  The females would float down sometimes but the courageous males never did.

I have gotten many comments this month and I thank you all for them.  Some people felt too shy to post on the blog, but sent me emails instead.  If you haven't posted a comment on the blog....or if you have....do it again.  I've picked out three paintings the winner can choose from.  Here is the blog address.....go post:  http://darrellanderson.blogspot.com/


  1. Great light coming down through the trees in this painting.

  2. Just can't resist the opportunity of possibly winning a Darrell Anderson painting.

    I enjoy your posts and I always enjoy your paintings.

  3. Love the peaceful feel. I've also studied the way you manage the lights and darks of the main tree trunk against the background--light against dark and dark against light. Very nice.

    One of my favorite things about plein aire painting is meeting the wildlife where you are painting. They can be incredibly curious about you and can gradually accept you in their environment.

  4. I'm just opening up to plein aire painting. Love Martha's comment about the wildlife. I am thinking it will be wonderful to stop and sit in nature and spend many hours drawing/or painting. So looking forward to taking your workshop and learning the "tricks of the trade".

  5. This painting makes me wonder what is just around the bend. Beautiful ...


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