Monday, June 13, 2011

Roslyn Purple Haze, 11x14

Bluish cast shadow, lavender house and lilacs.  How could I not try the challenge to make it work?

Usually the second painting of the day goes more easily than the first but I had to draw this six times before I got a composition that was passable.   Orchestrating the large blank spaces in the house and shadow also posed a few issues.  Many of those resolutions are too subtle to show up well on the web.  I kind of like the way it came out....especially if you like purple.  What do you think?

This is 'Drawing for a Free Painting' month so enter with your comments at:   May the force be with you....


  1. Yes, I like that composition! Nice how the overhead wire and the ground shadow curve different ways away from the lilac bushes. And the colors and image have a nice fresh feel.

  2. I think it is lovely. I love it actually!

  3. This is my favorite! and i want to see the subtleties in the purples in person. i hope you bring it to you next in-room class. Hope you are having a good summer Darrell.


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