Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speed Bump Ahead, 11x14

I can't seem to stay away from Roslyn while the lilacs are still blooming.  For once I might get my fill (Nah!).  While the bushes in this painting are rather small, many of the plants are closer to tree size, reaching the height of these homes....all covered in blossoms.  Quite intoxicating for a lilac lover.

There are no right or wrong answers on the composition of the last painting.  Several of you sent great suggestions so I'm going to change the painting and include them and we'll see together if they work.  I'll also tell you what I found to be a problem....but I'll have to do it in a separate post in a day or so.

Going back over the mountains to Roslyn again this coming week.  I'm just getting warmed up.  Remember  that this is painting give away month so make those comments!  If you are shy about identifying yourself there is an anonymous category that you can choose.  Just be sure to include your initials so when you win you can be notified.


  1. Nice scene. I love the three yellow spots and the repetition of vertical lines.

  2. As always well done.- how ever- It seems to me that you are getting tighter in your rendering.I personally like it when you become much more loose which you do really well..The complimentry coloring seems too, too, primary, obvious? A need for surprise? ANGEL

  3. I'm new to blogging so I hope this works! I love receiving your blogs Darrell. Your paintings remain very inspiring as I struggle with my own. I'm looking forward to a class with you again this summer. thanks for all of the great tips!!Oh, and please enter me in your give away. I really love your work!

    Laurie Rose


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