Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Avy Picks a Winner!

(This post didn't send out for some reason on July 3rd.  Sorry if you get multiple copies)

Happy Fourth of July!

After careful deliberation Avy, our daughter's bird who is just recovering from a beak operation and needed an emotional boost, picked from all those comments stuffed into my plein air hat.  We have a winner....on a slightly mangled piece of paper.

The winner is Marcy Jackson!

But Wait!  If one winner is good, two are better.  Marcy will pick from 'Green With Envy', 'Roslyn Purple Haze' and 'Swauk Valley Spring'.  After she tells me which painting she's choosing Avy will draw again and the second winner can choose from the two remaining pieces.

Yay!  What great fun to give away a painting.

Thank you all for participating and sending all the comments.  Stay in touch.  This is the second free painting drawing in the last six months and there will certainly be another.

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  1. I so enjoy this blog and your generous sharing of your knowledge and spirit! Thanks for all of this!


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