Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Waiting for Kids, 9x15

Trouble.  It sneaks up when you least expect it.  There you are, enjoying the day and 'Wham!', trouble knocks you for a loop.

Like this painting.  It seemed like such a good idea for a sunny late afternoon.  All those pumpkins forming a pattern on the hillside and smiling at me......well, it seemed like they were.  Do you have any idea how many pumpkins are in a field like this?  Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions.

OK.  I'm being dramatic.  It was fun, yet challenging, to do this painting.  As you can tell, I didn't really paint all those pumpkins.....just two or three with minimal detail.  It was the illusion of all these pumpkins just sitting there waiting for children to show up that I wanted to create.  Getting the balance between illusion and reality was the trick.

What a great month to be a kid with an imagination.  What a great month to be an adult with a paintbrush in hand...


  1. This field looks familiar.....and the feeling you had in this field is familiar!! That's a lot of pumpkins! You did a great job conveying pumpkins at the peak of "pumpkiness" waiting for wide-eyed,jumping ,laughing,excited kids!

    Great job Darrell!

  2. We really like this one! The story seems to tell itself! (think of all of the work you saved by not having to paint the children in. )


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