Saturday, January 7, 2012

Deanna's Sunflowers, 11x13

'What's that?'
'Sunflowers, I hope.'
'No, what is that stuff you are using?'
'No, opaque watercolor.  It's spelled g-o-u-a-c-h-e.'
'Oh.  Why don't you use pastel?'

Once again it was time for the Artwalk and, as the crowds swirled their wine and the band played, I painted....and answered lots of questions which I enjoy.  While I seldom work from photos (more on that in the next post) this was a good time for it and, since it's so freeing, I painted in 'goosh'.

Classes are starting up again and I've taken on more than usual.  Weekly instruction in Drawing for beginners and intermediates, the on-going Painting group, a workshop on working in Goosh, er, Gouache and another workshop in Portrait painting and drawing.  Plus I'll be doing another workshop in Ballard during the weekend of March 9-11....more on that soon.

You can find out about the classes and workshops HERE at the Winslow Art Center terrific new website.  It is a nice facility with easy access and a great covered outdoor area.  Come join us.....we have a lot of fun!   (and you can call it goosh if you want to)

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