Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two For The New Year

Welcome to the New Year!  Despite the busy-ness of it all, we always have a good time, are sad when it comes to an end and now think about our next big event.  We don't know what that event is yet, but we need to concoct one to drag us happily into the new year.  And we give thanks....the days are getting longer again!

There wasn't much room for art but I did find some time today to get out sketching for an hour.  The speed and simplicity of marker drawing still mesmerizes me as a blank sheet turns into shapes and forms.  The location of the dock scene is right behind the second drawing of Santa, the Grinch and a Snowman as they deflate themselves into 2012.  I think  they will be back because they've been up there every December for the last ten years....

All the best.


  1. Love these I drive by here every time I go to Winslow from home. Happy New Year to you and Gail.....

  2. When I see your name in my message box, I know joy is on the way. Your notes are as much fun as your drawings and paintings. May the New Year bring delight, abundance and contentment to you and yours.


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