Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Days Catch, 10x10

Remember Noelle?  While she had a vet appointment to remove some of her feminine assets I stopped by a friends studio and then Fisherman's Terminal where, between rain squalls, I was able to paint this little study.  The task was to find color notes out of the substantially gray sky, water, background yet keep the feeling of a cold rainy overcast day.  The rain and wind finally chased me out but I think this makes an OK statement.

Noelle came through fine but I suspect she's holding a grudge....


  1. Awww... I feel for Noelle. But, she'll heal. And she found a great family!

    Very nice painting. It captures the feeling of world around here well. Fortunately we are going to have 3 days of sunshine! YEA! Wonder what that tug boat would look like today?

    "Color notes" in a painting. Thanks for that new thought. I think it gave me some new insight.


  2. nice how you managed to convey a cool, damp scene, even with the "warm" colors

  3. Beautiful painting Darrell, you've captured the atmosphere and the hint of color brings out the gray. I'd say this is a winner but that's just me. As for Noelle, don't think her grudge will last long, smiles.


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