Sunday, April 29, 2012

Valley Farm, Gouache, 11x14

I've been waiting for a new scanner to come in so I could post some marker drawings....but I've gotten fidgety and gone ahead and posted this one to keep us all entertained until it arrives.  Typically 'Spring in the Northwest',  this one captures the character of low lying clouds just after one of our three day rains.

There was no way to do this plein air.  I tried something like this once perched out the back of my van.  Halfway through, because I hadn't noticed that a light rain was falling, the top half of the painting slid down into the bottom half.  Ah well.  It was still a nice day.

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  1. Gouache is pretty tricky in the rain! You captured the Northwest atmosphere in this one Darrell! Really,really great landscape!

    Hey I ran across another plein air painter that uses gouache
    He lives in our area too!


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