Thursday, May 3, 2012

Boat Launch, 8x10

There are some things that give succeed or fail, to not take things too seriously, to explore, to just have fun.  Markers are one of the art tools that do that for me.  I just sit down, put pen to paper and see where it takes me.  Some drawings are so-so, some almost make it, and a few get me excited.

I've been trying to figure out what I like about this one.... I mean, it's so ordinary!  So why do I keep looking at it?

Seems to me the repetition of shapes is interesting.  I also like how the background is alluded to without being emphasized.  Mostly I'm enthused by how the light flows through this everyday scene that we would normally pass by, and that movement of light brings it to life.


  1. Brilliant composition on this !

  2. Well, let's see why you might just like this. Composition is good, like the subject matter, well drawn, darks keep your eye moving around, interesting shadows. Shall I go on or will this help you? Smiles. Love this sketch Darrell.

  3. I Like this drawing because of the story it tells.


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