Friday, May 4, 2012

Cool Red Nose 1, 6x6

All clowns want to do when they pose is crack jokes.

I've got this portrait class going on and there were these small paint panels hanging around, so what better thing to do but paint some clowns as ideas for class?  These little things are cool to paint.  Instead of walking back across the room thirty times, which happens with a large painting to get a full view, I just had to lean back a little.  Nifty.

There are currently four of these little guys that will be posted over the next few days and maybe more to come (I still have some panels).....but they'll be interspersed with some other pieces.

Doing them made me laugh....wonder where I can get a clown costume?......

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  1. This is a great little painting Darrell! Lots of personality and vibrant color....makes for a winner!....Step right up!


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