Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cool Red Nose 2, 6x6

These clowns spend their free time....when they aren't clowning around....visiting the kid's wards at hospitals, boosting immune systems with laughter, a la Patch Adams.   I think I could be good at this.  Wonder where I can get an I need one more project.

This guy had 'glow in the sun' pink hair but he looks better with it toned down a bit.  All of these small paintings were done with a 3/8  inch and 5/8 inch soft bright brush, sometimes held on its side for small places.

Have you ever wanted to be a clown?

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  1. A comedienne, yes. Singer, yes. Actress, yes. Clown, no. I was surprised to learn how many children (and adults) are truly afraid of clowns. (I'm pretty sure Chucky didn't help with that.) Love the pictures. Perhaps, if you REALLY want to be a clown, you could multi-task and do your classes in clown attire?


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