Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cape Naden, 12x16

Post 5.5 in the 'Make a Comment and Win a Painting' Contest.  (Why 5.5?  Because I have this idea for what #6 should be.....wait)

Dianna Shyne let me tag along at her acrylic workshop for a day and I sat on the beach and painted these.  If you want excellent instruction in plein air acrylic contact Dianna.....she's the best.

The blue boat is the Cape Naden, a 100 foot Alaskan fish 'packer' boat from 1908.  It has been redone with 5 staterooms below and a huge diesel engine.  It's for sale for only $47,000....I should buy it for my roving studio.

'Along the Dock' is only 6x8 and was done with no predrawing....just blocked in the big shapes and carved it out.  For both of these I used only three hues, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Thalo Blue, Primary Yellow and, of course, White.  Amazing what can be done with a limited palette.

Make a comment.  Only one more post to the announcement of the winner.....I promise.


  1. Once again, those big brushstrokes manage to look so realistic in the context of the painting. If one corner of the sky was the only part you saw of this paining, it would look totally abstract. The reddish-orange (? underpainting) that peeks through in some areas make a nice contrast to the blue. I think the limited palette make for a clarity of pure bright colors.
    PS I like the idea of a roving studio!

  2. Your "limited palette" is full of color!

  3. You've inspired me to us a more limited palette.....there is no red in "Along the Dock?" I have always liked small paintings.

  4. Hi Darrell,

    I've been meaning to post a comment and just realized I better hurry up! Been enjoying all your paintings - particularly the cool blues and greens on these warmish days. Would love to win one to look at all the time!


  5. Love the abstract shapes created here and the glow of the sky in "along the dock". And I agree I think the boat would make a great studio!

  6. I love your harbor paintings, I can feel the atmosphere. They remind me of Alaska. Thank you for sharing your paintings with us! M~

  7. I really love the abstract qualities of this particular painting, Darrell . Limited palette always surprises me , and looking at this piece I would never guess your choice of colors :-) of course , blue and orange it's complimentary colors. Great little gem, Darrell ! Emiliya


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