Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evening at the Cove, 12x16

Number Five in the 'Make a Comment and Maybe Win a Painting Give-Away Contest'....  I can't wait to see what the final painting, number six, will be.....and when it will be painted and posted.

I spent an idyllic peaceful evening straddling a large log, one foot up on a rock while bending to the right and leaning over to make each stroke as the sun was setting.  The next morning it took me an hour to figure out why I was feeling so sore.

The board I used was an old trashed painting that had a dark green on it (similar to the shadowed green you see) and I began by putting in the light water and sky shapes.  It was fun as the visual ideas took shape quickly and the board color stood in for the greens in the painting for a long time before I moved them to their finished hue and value.

Make a comment.  Enter to win.  Now I'm giving away is so fun, why not two?


  1. Darrell, this is beautiful!!! I think I need to win this!!

  2. Love your paintings and look at every one even when I don't make a comment. This was worth a sore back to paint (assuming the back's healed now). A Theracane could be an artist's best friend particularly if the artist is a contortionist, too. :-)

    I was thinking of you and my other artist friends/relatives earlier this week. I listed to some Radiolab podcasts while driving up north to visit Mom. One of the podcasts was on color: what colors we humans perceive vs the animals, Homer's omission of the color blue from his poems, and more.

    Toodle pip!

  3. This painting exudes serenity and refreshment!

  4. Our beautiful island, captured on canvas. Beautiful!


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