Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eagle Harbor Quiet, 18 x 24

This piece I did as a donation for an auction to benefit the arts, specifically the Arts and Humanities Council.  I like to give things away sometimes and it gives me the impetus to try new things, expanding the game.

I used a pretty limited palette, reducing the tube colors to four and seeing how many different ways I could bend them to get the effect I wanted.  My hope is that you are captivated by the texture of the shore and rocks, letting the other things act as stage props.  This is a studio piece done from a 12x16 plein air panel completed about a year ago.

Speaking of palettes, Thomas Jefferson Kitts has a well researched blog entry about plein air palettes of quite a few current painters that is worth a look.  How different artists lay out their palettes is also interesting.  Check it out here:

Thanks for looking.  Keep painting......or whatever it is that brings you joy.


  1. I like the cool to warm transition on the beach.
    Thanks for posting the link to the blog post - I found it fascinating. Most of the artists did not include green in their palette - it has to be mixed!

    1. Thanks, M. I also thought it interesting that some had a lot of warms and others had more cools yet the finished pieces on their websites didn't reflect that. thanks foe the comment.


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