Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vagabonds, 10 x 12

The other evening Noelle said we had to go for a walk.... so I got her leash and out we went.  She then said she'd rather go to a beach....fickle dog.

We ended up at a small harbor with just enough time and light left to do a quick study.  Like the last post, I used a limited palette but changed to more vibrant colors.....Thalo Blue, Quinacridone Red and Cad Yellow white.  The rigging was a challenge because I didn't have a small brush and the boats kept swinging around, the light reflecting off different stays.  Stays.  I don't remember if that's the word I want for the standing rigging but Gary will know when he reads this.

Noelle spent her time growling at that reddish buoy.  Go figure.

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