Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hangin' With the Guv'

Study for 'Rainier Light'

Yup.  Just wander the Governor's Mansion....

....and you will eventually run across these two paintings enjoying their time with family and dignitaries.  Years ago, when I first began painting, my only goal was to paint something that did a bit more than just 'look like something'....you know, my interpretation of life in this world.  Now here I am hanging work at the Guv's place.  Who knew?

'Harbor Boathouses'


  1. More information, please! Did he buy them? When?

  2. Darrell, both stunning paintings! I'm sure they will look impressive in the Govs Gallery! Great space! Congratulations!

    Did you do the boathouses when we were painting with Tim Diebler?


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