Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinner Guests, 18x24

I suspect they knew.....

......that bringing beautiful lilies to dinner might have ended this way.  How could it not?  So logical a couple of days later to gather some friends together and have a inspiring painting party. 

I figured when I started that the painting would be a bust.  Lilies aren't the easiest thing for me to paint....but are they any more difficult than anything else?  After all, it's just 'big shapes and doodads'......which is what I think I'll call my new blog (more on that later).  It's just that there are so many doodads.....

Thanks for the flowers 'you all'.  I hope I did them some justice.

Painting class begins on January 28th and is filling up.  Marker drawing workshop is on February 1st and has a couple of spots still open.  Come.  Sign up.  Help keep me out of mischief....


  1. Your lilies are beautiful. I love flowers and it good to see them painting so well.
    I laughed at "big shapes and doodads!" Would be a great title for a blog.

  2. You did them justice in a big way! Delightful color combination. Love the background echoing the colors in the flowers! The painting has energy and joy!

  3. Thanks Darrell for today's workshop. I updated my blog with it. I might try this method from now on instead of filling all values only with a pen.


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