Sunday, January 5, 2014

Primary Colors, 16x20

It Was Studio Clean Up Day.....

.....until Rob Weiss called and suggested I join him down the road to paint that was my first new year resolution to go by the wayside, but for a good cause.  I had been looking at this scene every day for the last few months, wanting to give it a try but not realizing the chairs were there until I got out of the car.

(By the way, is anyone else having problems uploading photos and having them remain unaltered?  I've done three different versions of this photo, adjusting it each time, and still can't get it to look like it really does.  It's close but not as vibrant as either the painting or my adjusted photos.  The last post was over saturated.  What gives, Blogger?)

Anyway,  it was a better start to the new year than having a clean studio.  By the way, Rob has been doing some wonderful paintings lately and has a show at the Treehouse Cafe right now as well as Alki Arts.  His blog is HERE

Oil Painting classes begin again later this month at the Winslow Art Center.  The Marker Drawing workshop on Feb 1st is filling up.  Come join us for either one.  We have a lot of fun and even learn a bit now and then.

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  1. Great paiting, Darrell! I just found your work through Robin's blog. Very cool! : )


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