Thursday, February 20, 2014

No. 8 Venterol, 11x14


.....for not following our hearts, for not doing what we love, for abandoning our dreams....are plentiful.  'No. 8 Venterol' is a case in point.  For years I didn't paint from photos, believing that I could only paint well from standing in front of a thing....but, where I live, that meant for half of the year I was very limited in my choices.   Not using photos was just one of those excuses.

Now, before you assume I think photos are just fine as sources for paintings, I still believe that the best way to do it is from life.  Only the true colors and values can be found that way.  But.  If combined with lots of plein air experience and awareness of what photos distort it can be rewarding.....but only a few paintings a year come that way from me.

And so that excuse goes out the window.  This painting is from a photo....but one that first became sketches and color studies before brush ever met canvas.  I especially like the way the wall texture came out.

Will Terrell is a cartoonist who puts out YouTube videos so you can watch him work.  The best part, however, is that he talks as he sketches and inks up his stuff.  His words apply to many things in life.  Here is video of him working on one of his field sketches back in the studio......and he talks about those pesky 'Excuses'.  I often like to sit back for 20 minutes and watch him work and listen to him talk.

About ten years ago Will was told repeatedly that he shouldn't be a cartoonist or an artist because he 'just didn't have the stuff'.  He was told his work was horrible and to find a different line of work.  But now he has been a full time, family supporting cartoonist with a YouTube following of around 12,000.  He is worth listening to......besides, he has a great laugh.

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  1. Welcome to painting in a warm studio in the pouring rain....Knew you could do it! Great painting with a great feel! But I also totally agree, you can't do a scene justice from just a photo ....You need to live it !


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