Monday, March 3, 2014

Morning Painting, 30x30

So, Here Is How It Goes.....

Wake up very early last Thursday.  Check.
Answer email.  Check.
Go buy some flowers.  Check.
Figure a still life set up and gather materials.  Check.
Drive to Studio 12 and set up before others arrive.  Check.
Begin Painting about 9:45.  Check.
Don't stop.  Check.
Paint until 1:00.  Check.
Drive Gail to an appointment.  Check.
Grab some quick dinner.  Check.
Ride bicycle to clay studio.  Check.
Spend three hours sculpting a ridiculous caricature.  Check.
Ride bike home.  Check.
Pet Noelle, Hug Gail.  Check.
Fall into bed.  Check.
Don't 'grow up' (whatever that means).  Check.

Tough work but someone has to do it.......

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