Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Four in One,18x24

Tim Deibler.....

.....came to town to teach a workshop and needed a car.  We worked out a deal where I could sit in on part of his workshop as an exchange for some wheels.  Seemed like a good idea to me, so for part of his time here I put myself over in the corner of the studio and just painted.

When I was learning how to paint outdoors I used to take a panel and tape it off into squares similar to this.  I tried to get 8 or 12 little areas filled in a day.  When the tape got removed they were self framing little snapshots of what I had gotten done.  It made for easy comparisons and reflection on what I could have done better.

These rectangles are larger, as this is an 18x24 panel.  Here are some closer views:

Tim is a very good painter and teacher.  If you happen to be one of his regular students you are extremely lucky.  If you aren't in his area he has some well done videos on his website and another coming out soon, plus a book.  All the videos are good but my favorite is 'Finding Geometric Shapes in the Landscape'.  Go to his WEBSITE and check out some wonderful paintings.

I'll post some more in a day or so.

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