Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Switch, 7x8

Artists know.....

.....when 'the switch' happens.  The more you do art the easier it is to get to that 'switch' when the right 'spatial artistic' side naturally takes over from the left 'rational symbolic' side of our brains.....the one that's usually in control.

Here it went the other way.

There I was having a peaceful time sitting in our living room putting pen to paper, letting the shape relationships easily seen by my brain's right side just take over and guide where the line went.  It was nice just floating along with those lines and shapes.....and..... 

Then the phone rang.  And it 'picked up' the call.  And 'they' left a message.  Can you see where that happened?  Where my left side listened to the call and, as long as it was in control, let my line go where it 'should' based on its bent toward symbolism. 

Phone hangs up.  Right side of the brain gets control again and back we go to finish the drawing....except for that wonky lampshade.

I still had fun....and the toned markers again did their magic.

Tentative announcement:  We are putting together a week long workshop in Montisi, Italy, an old hill town, for this Fall.  I'll be teaching Marker Drawing and Painting and pizza eating.  I may have to practice that last one.  This promises to be fun.  Stay tuned for details.....or write me an email if you want to be on the list for the actual announcement.

Ciao.  (I'm practicing)

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