Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Japanese Maple, 12x16

Being innately lazy..... was easier the other day just to move a few feet to find something else that caught my eye.  After all, I was in a place of visual wealth.

The flowering tree in the upper right was the subject of the post the other day, 'Reflecting Magenta', so you can see how close I was.  I was most attracted to that maple and the little jutting of shore in front of it..... so I subdued everything else slightly to give it a bigger role on the stage.

Originally I put in the reflected sky that would have been seen along the bottom but it did nothing for the painting but be a visual distraction.  I'm currently puzzling why it worked in the other one but wouldn't work in this one.

I have heard that there is only one room left on the Italy trip so if you are interested you had better jump on it now.  Contact Martha at the Winslow Art Center....the phone number is on the page.

Ciao.  Man, I am getting so good with Italian....


  1. I know this is a matter of preference. But I like this better than the other one that has sky. Because the darkest dark is darker than the other one's darkest. It's adding more value range on darker side. I'm guessing the sky value was too light when you tried. Or probably just me.

  2. Or, maybe I feel that way because the darkest part is not dominating the canvas.


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