Friday, June 6, 2014

June In The Hollow, 12x16

Roslyn, Washington.... an old mining town nestled in a valley on the other side of the Cascade Range.  The aging farms and steep roofed buildings (to keep off the winter snows) make it a unique place.  It has some good beer too.

This old cottonwood was once a large tree that got whacked off by storm or someone's hand but the new shoots are now making multiple new trees....and somewhere in there is an old apple. 

In keeping with my latest fanaticism, it was painted without any solvent to clean brushes or dilute paint.  Just stuff right out of the tube on a dirty brush, occasionally mixed with a little of Gamblin's new odorless gel medium.  I let Rob Weiss and Mick Davidson try some of the gel and got two more converts.

I'll post some from the Bloedel Reserve tomorrow.


  1. This feels very real, Darrell, like being right there in Roslyn!

  2. Another great painting! I love the myriad if different shaped "sky holes" among other things! What benefits do you find using the


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