Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reflecting Magenta, 11x14

On an overcast day......

.....colors catching a little of the bright sky can appear very intense. The effect is enhanced by the subdued shadowed hues around them.  It was true the other day at the Bloedel Reserve and the constant unchanging light made it easier to study the effect.

The sky reflecting at the bottom of the painting is an idea I stole from Monet.  Those reflections were there but another time I might have overlooked them had I not been looking at some of his waterlily paintings the other day and realized what he had done.  It is a nice effect but that sky value has to be just right not to overwhelm the rest of the painting.

I like this piece.  It makes me feel calm yet intrigued.

For those who asked about the gel, I occasionally use Gamblin's new solvent free gel to improve paint handling and reduce drying time.

The idea of going to Italy is exciting me.  Montisi is in the hill town area of Sienna.  Small twisty roads, farms, streams all topped off by these old narrow streeted villages.  If you are interested in going you can find out more HERE.   Use Google Earth to actually see Montisi closeup.


  1. Loooove this painting. wow. I am totally studying how you did the water.

  2. Love this, Darrell - it's lovely.


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