Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ann's Farm, 18x20

I have admired this farm for many years....

.....but never stopped to paint until last week.
  The cows were out in the field wandering around, admiring or supervising I was never quite sure.

Backlit scenes are one of my favorite views to paint, called 'contre jour' I think.....into the light.  It is a bit blinding to look into the sun, especially on a hot day, but well worth the trouble for the colors that show up.

This was composed to include as much of the light and color on the field as I could.  I liked the barn silhouetted against those dark trees....but it was the field the shadow patterns that really got me excited.

If I did it again I think I'd crop out the top third of the barn to get in more of the field.  It would be interesting to try.

Rather like this one.

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  1. Actually, I think the composition as is is well-balanced- and cropping out the top third would, imho, look slightly clunky. I enjoyed your site.


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