Monday, December 8, 2014

Erica, 11x14

Usually there is a Goal.....

.....that I have in mind when I paint.  'Light effect' is always at the top of the list and I add one or maybe two other things depending on the subject.  Last Thursday it was 'brushwork', specifically that I wanted to end up with a piece that had identifiable brushstrokes and pieces of paint in an interesting design.

What do you suppose Erica does for a living?  Here are your choices: Manager of a Cupcake Emporium, runs Safaris in Africa, or is a mechanic on a Washington State Ferry.  Look at her, I'm sure you can figure it out.

Here is a closeup to buy some time while you decide......and to tell you how much I like the colors that can be found in shadows.  Those shadows are usually the first thing I paint, setting the mood and direction for the rest of the painting.  The reds, greens, blues and purples, subtle though they are, make the light struck portions sing.

OK.  You've had time to guess and if you picked 'Runs Safaris in Africa' you'd be right.  HERE is her website.  She has been doing it for over a decade and has some great stories and off beat adventures.  I didn't know there was an African version of the piranha with huge teeth that people actually like to fish for.

Off into another day.....


  1. Hi Darrell--its a beautiful portrait and I'm in great admiration of the brush strokes! Saw you at the show and should have grabbed you from your conversations to re-aquaint--hopefully next time or at a paintout--Kathryn


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